We help you tell your story.

Praxical is a London-based, socially-oriented design and communications consultancy focussed on making the world a better place. Through the application of both established and cutting-edge principles of design and communications practice we aim to energise and support the work of partners within the non-profit, social enterprise and international development fields.

We help tell stories and share ideas. We give voice to communities and make change possible. We make communications and media work for both organisations and the people they are responsible to. We work closely with our clients to build things that are original, exciting and effective. We’re different. We’re Praxical.

We help you share your ideas.

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We help give voice to communities.

We believe in the power of communication to give voice to communities. Effective practice means not only broadcasting their voice to the world but bringing it on board within our work. Building truly accountable and accessible media that empowers and motivates change is our aim.

Some of our clients: